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ayurveda basics + Self care

Ayurveda translates to the “knowledge of your life”. In the first half of this intensive workshop, Sophia will introduce you to the bare bone basics of Ayurveda, and how learning this system of medicine can truly help you transform your life.
The second half of the class will dive into self care practices, covering the best ways to nourish your senses, mind, body + spiritual entity and the best times of day to do it.

be light be free belize
march 2019

Are you feeling the call?

What is it that makes us feel light? What truly allows us to be free? This retreat is a dive into our inner world. By returning to nature, feeling the flow of the ocean, the wisdom in the mayan ruins, and the freedom of unplugging, we begin to remember who we are.

We’ll begin to remember our own light and the freedom we find from within. Will you join us?


Prenatal yoga series
starting 2/3/19

Expecting mothers will be guided through a gentle flow each week, with essential breathing techniques and guided meditations to ease discomforts of pregnancy and aid in an optimal birth experience. Trimester specific movements and adjustments will be offered, allowing each woman to commit to a practice that is her own.
* Women at any stage of their journey are welcome to join this safe and empowering class.


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